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Learn How To Update Product Stock Count More than 25 Limit In Bulk on Flipkart
In Flipkart seller panel there are different type of stock limit for different sellers. Default is 25. And it will Increase As per your Business growth and performance.

For Example If your stock limit per sku is 500, then you can only update you sku stock upto 500 units. Not more than that. 

But when we want to update stock in bulk by downloading the listings sheet. It doesn't allow us to enter more than 25 in stock.

So for updating more than 25 upto ur allowed limit we need to unprotect the Sheet First.

1.  Go through this link to know how to unprotect the flipkart listing sheet.

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2. After unlocking the sheet, Select the  the whole "Your Stock Count" column by clicking in "R" above it. And go To "Data Tab" and click on "Data Validation>Data Validation"

As seen in below image.

[Image: 2r7t2js.png]Then Excel Will Ask
"The selection contains some cells without data validation settings. Do you want to extend data validation to these cells?

Now click "YES"

A new Window will appear, There you can see "25" is entered in the Maximum option. Change it to your Flipkart seller panel allowed stock limit. ( for example mine is 500 ) and Click OK.

[Image: 2ibcjnl.png]

Now come to sheet and enter the stock as per your wish up-to the the allowed limit and upload the file.

ITs Done Yayyyyyy

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