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Specially For SD Plus to Kunal Bhal
This is for SD plus for which they are forcing seller to sale only on that

1)First of all their is no one to raise asr. for a normal vendor who's products are moved to SD plus, you will get ASR after 15 to 20 emails

2)Once the Asr is raised, as per their new policy they are showing only 7 days slots, and the best part slots are already booked by AM's when you try to book any slot you wont be able to see single slot available, you have to wake up at 5am in morning to book a slot which will be after 6 days 

3) Once the slot is book here comes the receiving part, if you have book 10am slot they will take you vehicle at 2 to 3 pm, now the GRN which will take more 3 days for 100 to 200 count also they take min 3 to 4 days

4) After GRN comes the racking the stock to be live on our seller panel, this take more 1 week, means from door to rack they need one week time 

5)So finally we sum up, that once your SUPC is disable for reason (move to sd plus) you will not be able to sell that for atleast a month
yesterday my all products get disable and moved to sd+ .
no one is listing from snapdeal  
please suggest what to do now ?
Talk to you account manager

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Our best selling product are inactive from last 2 months due to SD+ issue. Due to bad experiences in the past with SD+ we never want to send our product there. But they are stubborn and not moving the product back to Oneship. Its affecting our sale big time.
I think we should raise this concern to DIPP that seller are getting blackmail to use Channel's warehouse.
Yes we should

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Warehouse is so busy that u don't have time slot??? I think it is possible only after all SD sellers are selling through SD+ only. May be it is one of the greatest policy made by SD

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