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Make Customer Detactive Team Flipkart
We all know that Many COD Customer Order IS Fake
Customer given wrong issue after the deliver a order for return

Where is seller Fraud Team Detactive Team ?
Just create Customer Fraud Detactive Team

Read the True Story and share this flipkartsupport

What did Gaurav actually want?

Basically, Gaurav was in the final year of engineering, i.e. final semester, when this incident happened.
He had Rs 3000 cash with him, which he wanted to deposit in the bank.
However, since the bank was very far away from the hostel, he hesitated to go there. Now, you wouldn’t imagine what he did! He took the help of flipkart for getting his job done.

Confused? Let us explain you in simple steps!

Step 1 .
searched on Flipkart a product from clothing/footwear worth 3000. I found shoes worth 3099[Image: 4c4379c9c77cf963ca0ac6a7fa924a92.jpg]

ordered them to my hostel room on COD
[Image: 6634120cee62adcc21ede3caee502591.jpg]

Step 3

the product came to me in the morning and I filed its return. Flipkart accepted the return. The delivery boy came in evening and collected the product.

[Image: 4ffeb67a3955887de76d2a6baf81fb72.jpg]

Step 4

The refund in case of COD is processed by NEFT and Flipkart asks the detail of Bank account number, IFSC etc. I entered my bank account details while processing the return.
[Image: 68d595b4c5c63b41a2182e574e5e7af3.jpg]

Step 5
I got my refund next day by NEFT in my bank account. Bingo! Cash deposited in bank

Yes, wasn’t it an easy way of getting back the money??
[Image: 4945329db6da3dc3260a644c2e100f4e.jpg]

after reading this whole true story whats your views about return policy
share your views

Customer play with seller
#Flipkart busy in making money

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Flipkart should bring a policy like Amazon for refunds

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