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Flipkart listing blocked due to high returns
Many of my listing is blocked due to high returns how to unblock the same.

everyone is facing this issue. Even my listing has been blocked,
fir toh WSR ki saari listing block honi chaiye ..... as they hve the maximum returns ..... but they wil not do ..... they wil only do for 3rd party sellers to promote WSR
Our 2 brands has been disable

In all verticals
Kuch verticals mai to 1 order bhi nahi aya hai..
Fir return kaise huwa

Lagta hai WS ka stock ziyada ho gaya hai they want only WS to be visible

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Flipkart is not a rational company.

On one end they promote easy returns via TV ads and on another end they want to handle technical support which of course theyndo not have the capacity to provide. 12th graders are employed in their call center without Whenevwr a customer calls asking for technical support, since none is available he is aked to return the product.

After this ridiculous policy, Flipkart states your returns are excessive !!!!!

Tow of the brands we deal in are world leaders in their field. I have glowing 5 star revieWS on Amazon but Flipkart say ban due to high returns.

Its the CS part to sellers. Flipart, you are incapable of providing CS or tech support.
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