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Amazon ignoring brand infringement cases
Hi all, 

I read a lot of discussions and news articles about Amazon turning a blind eye to many brand infringement cases and I thought to myself surely a huge company like this can't get away with it, but then when it happened to me I realised just how wrong I was. Amazon is probably one of the worst platforms I have dealt with, it seems that they do not care if their sellers are being ripped off.

My case with Amazon has been going on for over 2 months now and yet everyday I get the same reply from them, there is no progression. 

I noticed that another seller was claiming to sell my product using my brand name, images and even the product name. I think they were making use of the Amazon catalogue system. They were sending out their products which were inferior in quality and claiming that it was my brand, however we are the sole manufacturer of our products and have no record of supplying to them nor do we have any authorised retailers/wholesaler so they only place they can get the products is from us, but since we did not supply to them I knew straight away that it was a case of brand infringement. 

When I reported this to Amazon they asked me to fill out a brand infringement form and provide trademark detail which I also did. I gave them all the information they asked for yet after I submitted all that information I got a reply saying please fill out the relevant details in the form given which was the same form I filled out earlier. This cycle went on for about 6-7 weeks in which time I had filled out the form about 3 times, after this my patience snapped. I wrote a very strong email to who then told me to deal with the other seller myself and that they did not want anything to do with the case. 

I got on the phone to Amazon and spent a lot of time on hold and explaining my case from one person to another, all of whom gave me the same scripted response. I even had a phone call once which lasted almost 2 hours where I waited on hold for about 20 mins to be connected to a member of the leadership team, who also gave me the same old response and filled the form out for a 4th time on my behalf.

After many more calls and a lot of arguing I finally got them sending me a different response which was that they need 24 to 48 hours to look into the matter. I get this sent to me everyday so therefore this is also another way for them to delay what they are meant to do. 

I have now reached the very ends of patience, I simply do not trust Amazon anymore especially with whats been in the news about them in the past. My brand name has taken a massive hit which has affected my business hugely, my sales on Amazon have dropped greatly. I am even considering making one or two redundancies as I simply cannot afford it. 

My last attempt at this is to email Amit Agarwal and Jeff Bezos directly to see if anything can be done, if this fails I simply do not know what to do next. If anyone can help or has any suggestions please do let me know. Either way I will be posting this story to many forums and will also be writing an email to the Times of India so that the media can bring this story out to the public eye and hopefully help other sellers see how ignorant Amazon is with regards to some cases.

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