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Faulty Products Penalty
SD is penalizing sellers under Faulty product. Not Sure why the seller is Selling branded products, Why should the product has warranty inside the Box.

Even if we sell through SD+ where we are giving the Brand Sealed unit,we are getting penalized for Faulty. Even though the Brand is ready to rectify the issues, SD is listening to the voice of the Brand as well as the Seller.

And the Penalty for rs.1500 products is comes around 450+. SD is perfectly looting the seller by these kind of policies.

Also they are not ready to listen and reverse the penalty charged. Even if the customer tagged the different issue under faulty they are capturing the amount and we are getting a standard answer from SD stating Share the images once the product return back. 

Doing business in SD is getting a nightmare for every one.
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Even we are facing the same issue. We have got a reply from snapdeal after 25 days of raising the concern over deductions. They are putting panelty of Rs. 700 for a Rs.499 product even when the product send was fine.
I have never seen any seller support team worse then Snapdeal. They are mixing the return issue with reduction.
See the reply from snapdeal.

"We would like to inform you that penalty has been charged to you for delivereing wrong/faulty products.Moreover as per record products has been return to you.
However you have not raised the concern within 7 days time line after receiving the product physically.Therefore, we will not be able to revise the penalty.
In future if you disagree with customer complaint please share the inner, outer and pack slip images of the product at the time of raising the dispute from the panel."

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