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Important Policy & Fees Changes from Flipkart
Dear Seller,

Today we are a strong community of over 90,000 sellers and over 75 million registered users. We thank you for being a part of our wonderful journey.

We are making important changes to our marketplace fees and policies which will be effective fromJune 20 onwards, and will impact all sellers on the platform.

For details on the policy changes, revised rate card and their specifics, please visit the
 <Seller Learning Centre>

Please find below a summary of the changes:

1. Fee Structure:

We are making changes to our fee structure, which will make it simpler for you to sell online, and at the same time reflect your real cost of running an online business. The following fees will be charged:

Commission fees: This fee is charged for use of the Flipkart platform for every successful transaction. It will be calculated as a percentage of the order item value, and is being revised across verticals.

Shipping fees: This fee is charged for providing logistics service. It will be calculated based on higher of dead weight or volumetric weight (= LxBxH/5000) and the destination of the shipment, as given below.

Collection fees: This is a transaction processing fee. It will be charged to cover for payment  gateway or cash collection charges.

Fixed fees: This is a slab based fixed fee. It will be charged only on successful transactions, but not for returns.

Cancellation fees: This Fees is charged for orders cancelled by you after an order has been placed on the platform by a customer. This includes order cancellations due to SLA breach. Ensure you keep inventory updated and ship on time, to avoid cancellation charges.

For complete details on the revised fee structure, please visit the
<Rate Card Page>

2. Shipping Policy:

We have been listening to your feedback, and are making changes to our shipping policy to give you better control and predictability of your shipping charges, hence clarity on estimating your payments.

Starting today, for all your orders shipping fees will be calculated based on details of the courier package, entered by you.

- You will therefore have to mandatorily enter the length, breadth, height (in cm) and weight (in kg) of the courier package in the ‘my listings’ or ‘orders dashboard’Please note that starting June 20, this will become mandatory and you will not be able to process any order if length, breadth, height and weight of the package is not updated.

- Shipping fee will be charged based on the volumetric weight ( = L x B x H / 5000 ) or product dead weight; whichever is higher.

- We are pleased to announce that you will be able to charge shipping fees to the customer, for all categories. The shipping fee that you charge to the customers should not exceed the shipping fee calculated as above.

[Image: 20160602-162300-image00.gif]
For complete details on the shipping policy and how to enter the details, please visit the
<Shipping Policy>

3. Returns:

We are revising our returns policy to create a great customer experience, while helping reduce overall returns for our sellers.

- Customers will be able to return products only within 10 days of purchase instead of 30 across all verticals, apart from the verticals given below*. The impact of this change should come into effect from July.

- Consumable products (i.e. software, personal care,  innerwear etc.) will have a no return policy. Please look out for another email from us to get the details on the above changes.

- In case of customer returns, you will be charged shipping fee, reverse shipping fee, collection fee and pick-pack fee. Commission and fixed fees will not be charged on any customer return. Ensure effective cataloguing & packaging, and prevent mis-shipments, to avoid these return charges.

- In case of courier returns, no charges will be levied to you.

* only for clothing, footwear, watches & eyewear, jewellery & fashion accessories and large appliances, customers will still be able to return products within 30 days of purchase.

For complete details on the returns policy by vertical, please visit the
<Returns Policy> 

Please note: As per the recent directive in the Union Budget 2016, from June 1, the effective rate of tax would be 15% (Service Tax of 14% + Swachh Bharat Cess of 0.5% + Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5%), and will be applicable on all our fees and charges, which will be payable by you.

Here is what you will need to do immediately to prepare yourself for the upcoming changes:

1. Understand the fee structure clearly: Login to Flipkart Seller Dashboard and go to Settlement tab under Payments to view your new charges. You can also use the settlement calculator under My Listings to analyze the impact on your payments.        
2. Update shipping details on listings: Procure a weighing machine and measuring tape, if not available with you. Train your staff on how to measure the courier package weight and dimensions.Update the details in My Listings.

For details on the overall policy changes, revised rate card and their specifics, please visit
 <Seller Learning Centre>

Please write to to provide your feedback on the new changes. We will review each comment.

Warm Regards
Flipkart Seller Hub
hi jitu bhai , just went through the new policy of returns . they have still not given clear picture on charges color fit size returns

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if they have , please guide


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I just calculated and compared both zero comission and the New Rate Card for my category

I think Flipkart want to cover their losses in One Month only. See the Net Payable to Seller in Both the Zero+ commission and New Rate Card.

[Image: Untitleddfgh_1.png]

Correct Me if above calculations are wrong.

And if above calculations are correct, Time to Leave Flipkart!
hi jitu bhai , just went through the new policy of returns . they have still not given clear picture on charges color fit size returns

if they have , please guide

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(03-06-2016, 01:00 PM)Abhishekgaba Wrote: hi jitu bhai , just went through the new policy of returns . they have still not given clear picture on charges color fit size returns

Sent from my iPhone usring AIOVA

 They have made two types of returns,

REFUND  & Replacements.

so they will charge according to this two types of returns I think.
Guys, also participate on Flipkart seller forum :

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Gone mad

Sent from my iPhone using AIOVA
This is the impact, prices of all products will increase...

[Image: fk%20policy.png?dl=0]

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Deepesh you have not added cost of advertisement which is approx 15%
how seller will survive in this condition

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