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Sales of agro products online
Anyone selling agro products such as spices online ?. If yes how is response ?. What kind of marketing you do ?.
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  • Amit Purswani, KGA
No one selling ?
U need better marketting. Social media, marketplace advertisement etc

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This is a very unique category. Do you have any data on the market size and the growth?

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@Jitoo - Do you have first hand experience of selling these products ?

@Kush Agarwal - Market is huge. Each and every person living would need these products. I'm running a small Ecommerce business in this sector.
Who would be your major competitors? Is the trade organised or unorganised?

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Organized or unorganized in the sense?. I didn't get the point.
Is there a Shelf presence in supermarket for your product? if Yes, then study that or give us an example
I don't sell through supermarkets. It's either online or bulk (truck loads).

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