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Flipkart V/s Amazon - That's the difference

I need to share an interesting experience with Co-Sellers.

This is regarding reimbursement of TDS for the period 2015-2016.
On 4th June at around 5:00 p.m , I raised exactly similar Tickets with Flipkart & Amazon  simultaneously.
I attached the Scanned Copy of the TDS Certificates for 4 Quarters and requested them to pay the amount at the earliest.

Flipkart as usual is hardly interested to help out the Seller and the tendency is to close the case or mess-up the case.
Within 24 hours reply was received and this was what Flipkart had to say :

Reply by Flipkart
Thank you for reaching us, we understand your concern. 
We would like to inform you that, we yet to receive the hard copy sent by you. 
We are closing this incident, once we receive the TDS hard copy we will get back to you with a new incident. 
We appreciate your patience.

On the other Hand Amazon astonished me with the resolution.
Within 24 hours the whole amount was reflected in my next open Payment cycle.
This is the mail I received from Amazon :

Replay by Amazon
I received an update from the concerned team regarding your TDS reimbursement.
I am glad to inform you that the reimbursement has been done successfully to your account.

Please check the screenshot which I have attached in this email or please click on the link given below:

I hope this resolves your issue. Should you have any additional queries, please feel free to contact us using 'Get Support' link at the bottom of the Seller Central page or write back creating a new case. We will be more than glad to assist you.

I wish you the best of health and prosperity in all your future endeavors!
Have a nice day.

The point is that exactly two similar issues were raised with Flipkart & Amazon but the action taken by the two websites show how they treat their Sellers.
If Amazon could resolve the issue with such and ease then why does Flipkart wants to hang the Seller upside down before any resolution is provided.

It's a wake-up call for Flipkart.

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Same case with me. I rcvd Amazon TDS reimbursement quickly. While from paytm only Automated reply, and from Snapdeal not that also.

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Amazon is currently the most seller friendly portal. Although some of their policies need some improvement. We have been claiming TDS from Amazon per quarter for over 2 years now. And its a breeze. Flipkart the worst. The have eaten the TDS for many quarters with stupid reason. Our TDS does not match with what you have paid.

I have never seen such an eCommerce Company in 10 years of my Online selling.
Right now they are leaving no stone un-turned to mint the money from Sellers.

1. Manipulating SPFs
2. Manupulating TDS
3. Manipulating Shipping
4. Manipulating Accounts

You name it and they are manipulating.

It simply looks as if they have surpassed all basics of the eCommerce Industry and gone mad in an attempt to compete with Amazon.

Amazon has done quite a hard work in the last 2 years to build solid Foundation (I would rather say underground tunnels, like in a war)
One fine day, Amazon would give them such a surprise that they would find it hard to spell "VALUATION"

Going back to the basics of this thread which was about TDS Reimbursement ..... I received a mail from Flipkart whereby they wanted Digitally Signed TDS Certificates so that they could process the reimbursement faster.

Anyhow .... I arranged and mailed them the Digitally Signed TDS Certificates.

To my surprise I received another mail stating .....

We have received the digital copy of the TDS certificate and the same has been forwarded for processing.
We request you to share your working with us in the attached format so that it can be checked from our end.
Please find the attachment in the attachment tab.
Awaiting your response.

So, there basic aim is to trouble the Seller and delay or mess up each and every issue.

It's a Fools Paradise, I would say.

They started off so well and now they just aren't aware what they want to do.

They have exousted all options to cheat... Now it's our turn
So many such places where Amazon is far ahead of Flipkart. Though we have to understand that Amazon is a much larger company and has all set processes whereas Flipkart is learning in the process but they lack will to learn and correct themselves.
Hopefuly this Indian company doesn't lose out on the race against Amazon.
Basic issue is work culture ... it flows from top to bottom

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Submitted TDS claim to Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal simultaneously on 18-June-2016.

Amazon : TDS claim passed in one day and credit for amount given.

Flipkart : First they asked for detail working and all. Don't know what extra details they are looking for since they are the one who raise invoices. Provided details what ever possible........ Then they Asked to send physical copy which already been delivered to them, still await further.....

Snapdeal : worst - no one even reply till now
Snapdeal takes weeks on replying minor issues even.

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I had applied for TDS reimbursement on 4th June 2016 with Amazon & Flipkart.
As mentioned earlier, Amazon paid the full amount within 24 hours and Flipkart has not paid it even after 24 days.

They just don't have the intentions to pay.

Flipkart is loosing the trust of the Sellers.
Amazon would surely gain out of this.


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