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Worst platform to sell -
These people have no stability and will be the first one to go down. No seller is happy with them. They arm twist the seller by forcing them to come one board for voi, if one disagrees then they close his account and hold his payment.

Then comes the issue of account manager, who himself or herself thinks that he or she is busier than Mr Modi or Mr ambani.

Their listing issue is a harrowing experience, their financial department is an invisible department which they them selves don't know where can they be available.

Every day there is a new policy to hurt the seller in any way they can.

These days these PEOPLE are giving reason for not giving the claim that they don't find anything damaged in the image hence claim can't be given. It's like they have no idea about the difference between electronics and an empty water bottle.

The founders are running so fast that they have no idea what's happening in their company.

The company doesn't know what's happening at the board level.

Both are getting IN PROBS because the foundations aren't strong and their ship has more holes than the metal now and what ever they do they will go down.

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Sinking Ship will take Sellers drawned without life jackets.. SOS...
SD has got world record in Policy changing competition

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Very true , they have lost it. Every month there is a new policy

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Reduced exposure since 2014, asked Mr. Bahl numerous times for connecting in order to solve issues, no reciprocation.

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True. Snapdeal has all issues, you name it they have it.

Snapdeal is not releasing our payment of 2077 no of suborders saying that issue is pertaining to last financial year. On other hand they have deducted our amount of approx 2 lacs, stating old recovery.

While we are still fighting for our money, they immediately deducted all money what they felt as recovery.

Selling on snapdeal is not at all recommended.
True , looks like they don't have funds , hence they are stopping sellers payments

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So True after following up for 3-4 months on weight issue and payment issue i was forced to closed account with them, Even i escalate the issue to founder level but if no use.

Finally i closed the account. One of the worst site to do business with specially from 2015 starting.
Snapdeal has started looting the sellers
Snapdeal full of bullshit

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