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How good is infibeam for selling products? If anyone having any experience plz share.

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Even I am interested in listening to Infibeam experiences. They are the only profitable marketplace in India. Publicly traded company too. Their policies seem liberal for me.
Their profits are in BuildABazaar i think
@kush what's buildabazaar

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It is a cart. Where you can build your own ecommerce store. It is doing really great for infibeam and has a good usage in middle east market.
I checked the balance sheet recently, ecommerce gave them 50 crore loss, builabazaar gave 60 crore profit

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I have one query. Their proposal says that 3% comission + Rs.1000 fixed fees per month if the sales are Rs.100,000. 3%+ Rs.2500 fixed fees per month if sales are Rs.250,000. This is fixed fees part is bit confusing. Do I have to pay Rs.1000 even if I sell products worth Rs.500 in a month or the Rs.1000 is payable only if I make sales worth Rs.100,000 per month ?.
Other carts are completely on fixed fees basis. So even if you do no sales, they will charge you on a monthly basis.
Please understand, the major cost in an ecommerce store is of server space and hosting, this doesnt change if your sales increase or decrease.
Such carts are reducing the fixed portion just so that we use their carts and increase sales with less burden

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I think you got confused with Buildabazar. To use Infibeam I have to pay Rs.1000 per month even if I don't make any sales ?.
Sorry my bad. Yes i think Infibeam has such a plan. But it comes with advantages on Buildabazaar and many other services that they have to offer

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