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This is How EKART / Flipkart Loots Seller. Grow up Flipkart !
[Image: Error_1.png]
you can see After the Sale..  i am Getting Payment in Negetive...that means  Angry  sale Karo..Pack karo ship karo..aur upar se inko hi do paise.  Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
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  • kirit
(04-12-2015, 06:39 PM)Aditya Rajpurohit Wrote: [Image: Error_1.png]

the worst part about the zero commission is that who decides on what weight is the multiplier logic going to be calculated
Only flipkart
which means whatever weight the ekart guy has uploaded in the system will be multiplied by the multiplier logic and weight will be charged to us

This is pathetic, also heights is that before getting this system implemented flipkart has not told all the sellers to take accurate measures,
 example if my product mrp is 250 rs and i am selling it at 250 rs + 70 rs shipping and the
commission charged is 4.5%, what benefit do i get with zero commission ?

u waived off 4.5% of 250 rs = 11.25 RS
n disallowed me off charging rs 70 as weight
did i get the opportunity to change the entire labeling and packaging and increase my mrp of that particular product to save my profits NO....
And what happened to all those sales which happened till i came to knew about this rule nothing , i sufferED a straight loss

even the state and central government gives time before implementing a new law, FLIPKART CANNOT CHANGE POLICIES AND IMPLEMENT NEW RULES THIS WAY WITHOUT EVEN INFORMING CUSTOMERS IN ADVANCE
(07-12-2015, 10:27 AM)Amit Purswani Wrote: Suggestion :- AIOVA.COM bana do, sab uspe bechte hai... 
Flipkart ki dadagiri uske paas hi rahne do...

Great Idea! Idea
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  • KJain
The same thing happens at shop clues too even after getting commission they exaggerate the weight and payment comes in -ve
For product of 100 gms weight shown is 1900 gms and sometimes 3000 gms

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