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Account Suspended on Fake Returns
Dear all...See the height of arrogance and dictatorial behaviour of flipkart, we got our account suspended twice for the same date period..stating the high return of our products.
All the return data is botch up by flipkart...they are suspending sellers accounts based on customer return and most of the cases these returns are completely bogus. Product returns with reasons like: Duplicate Product, Quality is not expected, Customer remorse, Accessory Missing..etc..etc.

Now see the height of ignorance of flipkart...first they are sending  performance notice report of high return for the period between 28/04/2016 to 26/05/2016 and suspended seller account till 8th June. Account was reactivated on next day late evening by 9th June after several complaints....and for our surprise again on 10th of June 2016 flipkart send their second performance notice report of high return for the period between 06/05/2016 to 03/06/2016 and suspended account till 17th of June.

Now big question is that flipkart send the second high return period of 06/05/2016 ....So this date was not included on first time high return period till 26/05/2016  ?? We rise several complaints in this regard...but they have no clarification, but simply repeating their parrot language that your account will be reactivated on 17th June.

See these mails send by flipkart about high return and observe the red circled area for dates.


The last image of the mail we just received during writing of this thread ....again the same threatening mail.

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