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Introducing Dynamic Marketing Fee Program
Introducing Dynamic Marketing Fee Program

Dear Partner,

Greetings from Snapdeal!

We are constantly innovating to help you grow your business. As a part of this effort, we are introducing a dynamic marketing fee program effective from 17 June, 2016.

Under this program, Snapdeal may reduce or vary its marketing fee from time to time on one or more products (category/subcategory) as it may deem fit at its sole discretion. However, once reduced, any increase would never exceed the limit of maximum marketing fees prescribed under the commercial terms segment.

You may gain from the reduced Snapdeal's marketing fees in achieving more sales as you will be able to pass on the benefit of reduced marketing fees to the buyer.

Benefits of this program:
1. Stay ahead of competitive pricing
2. Enjoy high buyer conversion

To learn more about the dynamic marketing fee program, click on the tab below.
[Image: click-here.jpg]

To view our updated commercial terms segment that covers this program in details, click on the tab below.
[Image: Click-here-Button-box.jpg]

Please note that through dynamic marketing fee program, Snapdeal does not, and further does not intend to, influence the sale price of products. Further, this program is applicable to all the sellers who fulfil theA defined criteria such as rating, fulfilment mode etc.

Your continued use of website, on and after June 17, 2016, would be considered as your acceptance of this program.

Watch our online training session on dynamic marketing fee program.
[Image: watch.jpg]

Happy Selling!

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