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Hello Friends,

Let us made a video against these easy returns policy of all Market place and spread it through social media....Just to inform online buyers about how this easy returns are making our economy very poor....Think this kind of such video and spread it....
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Where to make Video albums I mean location and who will do casting
Hello member,
This is just a thought...But who has a very good points and make a good script about this it will be good for us nothing to do more just make a video for awareness from mobile and have to publish to all social media.....I just do not have good words or make others aware of it is request to all plz make something like this.....

Thanks & regards
Easy Returns are returning nothing to the sellers, marketplaces or buyers. Easy returns cost a country's economy. For delivering and returning an item what it costs is ENERGY. This energy is in the form of Time everyone consumes in this whole process, Packing Material, Manpower, Two way Fuel consumption, IT, Toll Taxes, Infrastructure and many other things. A buyer is never aware of the thing the moment he/she returns the item, it is going to cost the economy of the country. Think over it!
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Any update on videography !

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Every online seller is suffering from this "Return Policy" which is causing huge losses to the sellers

These online marketplaces Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. should give the option to the seller, whether they want to accept on PREPAID Orders or both COD and Prepaid.

If this option is made available to the sellers and if they choose PREPAID Only, then I know for a fact that Non-Genuine Returns will decrease by 90℅,
because 90℅ of returns and cancellations are done bu COD Customers

I thing we should start a petition to the government, to force online marketplaces to introduce this option for sellers, because as of now their policies not fair for sellers

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