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FBA Inventory - No proper information of Items lost by Amazon (FBA)

Whether it is Flipkart or Amazon, they just don't care about compliance.

They are worried only about their system and are hardly concerned from Seller's perspective.

One of the major issue faced at FBA Model is that the Items lost by Amazon (FBA) are not informed.
When you contact Seller Support, they would ask you to download the Report from "Reimbursement" and check the status.
The status available in the Reimbursement Report is not the correct one.

Amazon must know that just by paying the Reimbursement their responsibility is not over.
This is a critical compliance and Seller has to update Inventory in his Account Books.

There are reasons mentioned in the Reimbursement Report and one of those is "Lost_Outbound".
I suppose, "Lost_Outbound" is mentioned when the Item is lost before reaching the Customer.
But all packages which are Customer Returns and are lost are marked as "Customer Returns". 

In the last one and a half year of my selling at Amazon's FBA Model, the report shows that only one Item has been lost.

Even after downloading the Reimbursement Report and requesting a confirmation about lost Items, Amazon is unable to help.

For one of the items which I have checked, Amazon has paid me 75% Reimbursement.
This reimbursement was auto triggered after 30 days of Item not returning to FC.
In case the Item returns back by any chance within 45 days then they would revert the reimbursement as per the damage.

If the item doesn't return even after 45 days, the reason would still remain as "Customer Return".
The Seller would never know that Item has been lost and has to be adjusted accordingly in accounts books.

For reconcillation of Inventory Amazon suggest to check each SKU under "Inventory Events" which is not at all practical.

I am not sure how Marketplaces in India have been allow to set their own rules which are not in sync with Compliance in India.


Umang Midha

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