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Kitchen and home Whatsapp group
Hi Sellers, I'm Avinash from eKitchen.

Let's have a new whatsapp group of online Sellers in the kitchen and home category. We can help each other more than competing with each other. 

Sellers dealing in Small home appliances, home security, UPS, large appliances, kitchen appliances, Cookware, utensils, kitchen accessories, food storage,  home utilities etc.. and all related categories may request to be added to the group. 

Please whatsapp me on 9994567771 and a I'll add you to the newly formed Whatsapp group. 


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Please add me to group at 8800466616
hello Sir,
I m from an online shopping site are u selling Your Products In an other Portal if yes kindly know the Links there by i can have you to register your store to our site also
plz add me if possible 7738775846

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