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I am unable to login to amazon seller portal since yesterday morning. Have many orders to process . Tried resetting password many times, but not working Sad . It is asking for mobile number after entering username and password and then upon entering mobile number says that 

“ Sorry, you've made too many failed attempts. We blocked your sign-in to protect it against unauthorized access. Please sign in with a device that you've previously used, or contact Amazon Customer Service.  “

Tried contacting amazon several times yesterday, they dont have any fixed numbers where we can talk Huh , trying to reply to their mails but the mails are bouncing back as the mail ids dont accept replies. Its really frustrating that they are unable to sort this issue yet.   Undecided

Is anyone facing similar issue ? Or if someone can help me get this matter solved or get me connected to AMAZON as soon as possible. WIll be of hgreat help. 



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This has happened with us also. You need to find a good link in amazon and do it.
Or maybe perhaps wait for a call from their Ads department. They can open everything

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trying to get a link in amazon, been trying since yesterday morning. Its disappointing that there is no quick solution for this issue. ADS department, how long do they take to give a call ? Any idea ?

Thanks for all the info Mr.Kush.
Try to find some1 in ads. And tell him you want to start pla. Then he will ask for details. That time tell him that you are unable to open panel

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Ok Thank you for the help.

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