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Flipkart to launch own private label
It's been reported that flipkart is looking to launch its own brand of private labels in many categories.

Though they will not stock any and will work towards licensing/ exclusive sellers on the portal for which I don't have any issues but I just hope that they are partial in the return policy of their products . If they do not accept any return then I think that would be the final nail in the coffin for them and all sellers should will walk out on them then.
If they do accept the returns then it should be a fair deal for all.
But personal opinion is work with Amazon and other international marketplaces.
Too many fake returns on flipkart has made me disillusioned with them and I certainly don't want to work with them anymore in the categories where they Accept returns.
Even though my main category is health and beauty but we have added mobile phones as well and today only got a s6 edge back with a broken screen and charger and earphones missing. The claim will be filed and as always will get 40-50% settle ment value. So to counter the problem I have decided that for mobile phones will use FBA as they have no returns on that and with FK slowly abandon the sinking ship.. the payments are slow and no point waiting for 3 weeks when the margins are low.

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Even I am thinking the same. Planning to opt out of flipkart soon. There practices are getting worse day by day for sellers.
Flipkart Smart Buy is the first brand that they're launching in the private label space. they're starting with electronic accessories, mobile cases, power banks, speakers and parallelly we will be launching a range of home plastics as well. Phase two of Flipkart Smart Buy would be personal care appliances said by Adarsh Menon head of Flipkart's private label business.

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