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Revolt Against Flipkart is Real: Sellers Put 1 Million SKUs ‘Out of Stock
Probably for the first time anywhere in the world, Union of e-Sellers have revolted against an ecommerce portal; and this history has been created right inside India.

eSeller Suraksha, a union of around 1000 members along with 
All India Online Vendors Association, forum of approximately 800 members have declared strike against Flipkart. And their way of protesting is very simple:Whenever a user lands up at any product listed by these sellers, then ‘Out of Stock’ notification would greet them.

This means that Flipkart’s overall sales volume is bound to decrease, incurring them further loss. Due to this unique strike, speculations are rife that product prices may increase by 20-25% in coming days. Flipkart has around 90,000 sellers on their platform.

[Image: a93042ac092a6c28003b68e018e3b760.jpg][IMG][/IMG]

Last week, we had reported that due to change in Flipkart’s policies such as higher return fees and higher commission on product listings, these two unions have revolted, and can strike against them.

It seems that the revolt was indeed real.

Sanjay Thakur, president of eSeller Suraksha, said, “With Flipkart increasing the commission rates, we estimate that the selling prices of the product will have to be increased by 20-25% to make sure we’re not at a loss. Many sellers are not happy with the recent changes and close to 1,000 sellers participated in today’s strike and have displayed out-of-stock for about 1 million SKUs (stock keeping units)

Flipkart, which has increased sellers commission charged by them for product listing) by 10-40% and have shifted the return expense to the sellers has reportedly stated that this strike won’t make a dent as only a handful of sellers are participating in the strike. Although no official statement has come out yet.

#Flipkart #Onlinedharna

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