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Good News for Sellers on FBA
Starting from July 15, 2016 , for all aforementioned products covered under this policy other than mobile phones and LCD/LED TVs, residual value of a defective or customer damaged product is set at 55% of the fair market value of the products.

The residual value of defective or customer damaged LCD/LED TV is set at 20% of the fair market value of the product.

Starting from July 15, 2016, we are launching a new inventory grading service for all our registered FBA sellers without any extra cost wherein your customer returned/rejected mobile phones that are deemed unsellable will be graded to determine the extent of damage mobile phones has sustained we will physically grade all the customer returned mobile phone units.. This grading service will provide you information about the condition of the returned units as they have been received at Amazon fulfilment centres and may help you in faster, efficient or better value recovery for these units. The residual value of a defective product and customer damaged mobile phone product will be based on the physical grade of the products. Revised reimbursement rates for mobile phones are described below:

  • Grade-based reimbursements will be applicable to all the products which has been physically graded. Click on this link to view grade-based reimbursement rates.

  • For all the products which are not graded, residual value is set at 55% of the fair market value of the products.

  • Products which are covered under a specified brand of mobile phones, brand wise residual value will be applicable. Click on this link to view mobile phones brands wise residual value.
This reimbursement is available only in the following events:

  • Customer has incorrectly claimed it as a defective product.

  • Product return is delayed on account of the customer’s or Amazon’s failure to send the defective product and Customer Damaged products within the manufacturer/brand remedy period as communicated by you to Amazon. This reimbursement is not available in the event that such delay is attributable to you.

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