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Flipkart Account ONHOLD Issue due to selling fake products
Hi Everyone,

Seller - True Accessories

CATEGORIES DEALING IN - Consumer Electronics categories and working with more than 10 brands.

Account issue - Flipkart account on ONHOLD - Reference numbers - 160707-010670, 160702-002848.

My Flipkart account went on pending mode for the first time on 1st December 2015 due to selling fake products “LID:-LSTACCDMYBRUK945HDGRKFD6Q.

We only procured the products from the authorized distributor of the brand and were shipped sealed pack only with vat paid bill and manufacture warranty.

After submitting the relevant documents to seller support team and a tedious follow up the account got activated on 25th May 2016 finally.

We were smoothly running the business for next 6 days and didn't listing that above mentioned LID product., Suddenly on 1st June 2016 at morning our account again went on hold due to selling fake product the Listing ID(s): LSTPWBE4CCBMUJEZHWD9VBXA4. The shocking part is that we have never got orders that listed product but our account got onhold due to selling fake products. As we purchasing from only authorized distributors. After submitting relevant documents to seller support team and a tedious follow up the account got activated on 3rd June 2016 finally with ticket id : 160601-005489

We were smoothly running the business for next 28 days and didn't listing that above mentioned LID product., Suddenly on 2nd July 2016 at morning our account again went on hold due to selling fake product the Listing ID(s): LSTACCEAHQFWFEQVTFAORTKVV. We have sent every things purchase inv and authorization letter but didn't get active.

We have been constantly trying to reach Flipkart team and explain that this is a technical bug or some error from your end but all in vain.

At 4th of July we asked Flipkart to arrange auditor for physical verification. The One person Name Mr. Amit Sharma A flipkart auditor came our Office for physical verification. They cross check everything and found positive but still our account not activated yet.

We only get one answer that is - (As per the previous conversation, I'm sorry to inform you that as per our internal team we are unable to reactivate your account.)

Every time they just repeat the same things that there is some error in the invoice sent by you and we are unable to reveal those details as this is our internal process.

We don't understand that how did Flipkart team activate our account on 25th May and 3rd June after verifying the invoice and why did they again place the same on hold again and again.

Flipkart is least bothered to look into the seller history, performance, number of orders being processed, potential strength of the seller, the amount of money the seller has constantly been spending on flipkart promotions etc...

We are lead sellers across all major marketplaces in india but do not face any such issue on other marketplaces till date.

Hope to get some resolution from senior level team at Flipkart as there is no justified and valid reason for keeping our account on hold and if there is any at least the same should be explained to us.

The seller support team is not ready to share mail id or contact details of any senior authority where a seller can actually go and knock the door for help or raise concerns and complaints.

Writing to you with great hopes that i shall get a justified resolution for the above. looking forward for your positive response on our account issues.

Amit Tiwari
Same issues buddy
Please let us know if you found any guy in the higher team

Sent from my iPhone using AIOVA
i have same issue .if any solution find tell me..
hi sir my name is ganesh iam seller in flipkart

my seller name is NRSONLINE
i have about 1200 skus on which flipkart kept my account on hold because of one listing where they are saying that we are using fake products. i need your help for reactivate my account 
here i came with new plan of action which i mailed to flipkart
please i need help for reactivate my account 

please aiova 

thanks & regards
shreeganesh enterprises

hi sir/madam,
 My account is pending since 3 months for the mistake which i was made in one listing, but we need one chance to prove again from our side 
here we come with new plan of action we have applied for brand and we are manufacturing our own products now. 
so there will be no intelectual property copying we have come with new branded packaging which use for delivery have a new managing procedures of cataloging which help my seller hub to keep uptodate and there will be no copy products from now all the products are genuine from my side there will no compaint againts my products from now onwards 
so please kindly provide me one chance to prove ourseleves 

thanks & regards 
shreeganesh enterprieses

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