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Does AIOVA help ?
Dear Sellers, I have observed that everyone registered with AIOVA had some kind of marketplace problem. We do put our problems for discussion here. But seriously nothing happens. What is AIOVA for ? Just for discussion and getting no results? Or AIOVA takes some hard steps to the problems? I really do not understand who actually is running this group as we just post our problem and it gets ended after 2-3 replies with no result. Are we here just for getting sympathies of other sellers or what?

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1) a few marketplaces are active on the forum, they are solving problems based on forum posts. Eg Voonik
2) a few marketplaces are not responding unless it is a matter of utmost importance. They are acting only if they think it will be negative to their public image
3) aiova members represent to the government regarding issues faced in ecommerce. Many changes have been brought in.
4) check @aiova3 on twitter, many discussions happen over there.

Aiova is not about any individual, it is about how much each individual can contribute towards the common cause.

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Ok. Could you please let us know more about point 3. Please share few significant changes which were brought in?

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Exemption form transit documents of vat, meetings with various government departments, active lobbying, ed investigations on marketplaces. Keep checking aiova on fb and twitter and google news, you will he able to track

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ok, thanks for the information.

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I don't have any complain with Aiova. I think Aiova is very helpful for everyone who is wishing to be a marketer or businessman.

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