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Is eBay relevant any more?
We have close to 90 listings on Amazon. 5 of those listings are among the Top 10 bestsellers in the respective category. I

We decided to give eBay a try, and listed those 5 bestsellers on eBay almost a month ago. Surprisingly, there has not been a single sale till date.

Do people get orders from eBay these days? And how are the volumes when compared to Amazon/Flipkart etc.
Orders on ebay are less compared to amazon due to many reasons. First factor among all is listing visibility, as different seller list same product on ebay and it appeared as different listings, so chances of selling are divided. Also ebay may be promoting same product listing of other sellers, in that case chances of selling that product decreases.

Also having ebay shop even affects sales up to some extent.
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Am a ebay top rated seller, getting enough sales

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