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Why i quit selling on snapdeal!!!!
We started selling on snapdeal 2-3 years back. Initially there were signs that this company is not managed professionally.For instance when we logged into our account some products were already added to our account We suspected our account was used by some other seller not having VAT tin. Some lame excuse was given by them to cover it up. Second instance was product weight of 1 product which was charged 6-7 times of actual weight. We highlighted this issue &  we were not allowed to sell that product anymore. Later on we told them that we agree with logistic weight of that product & then we were allowed to sell that product on the portal. We came to the conclusion that the logistics department of snapdeal is notorious. You cannot challenge them or else product would be disabled. We continued selling because there were few competitors on snapdeal & we wanted to build the brand.For some time sales were good but later on we joined SD plus program(fulfilled by snapdeal) & that was the biggest mistake we did.
Ther returns were high, we had to beg for invoices to be shared, which were not shared on time.Suddenly we got an email one fine day that they are moving us to oneship from SD plus. Sigh of relief but nightmare of SDplus never ended. We did not got the inventory back on time from warehouse. We fought with them for several months & they told us to collect the inventory from the wareshouse(which was in poor shape).  During this battle, whenever any inventory was returned(RTO) to the wareshouse, they would disable that product from oneship & enable it in SDplus to sell off that inventory. After selling it through SDplus they never enabled that product for oneship. This issue(kabhi idhar kabhi udhar) went for several months. Still we did not gave up & continue to sell our products on snapdeal. The sales were good for few months but realized that accounting was difficult task & we can never find out exact profit derived from selling online. During one random checks we found out that we were charged for packing material which we never ordered. The same was reversed after confronting them but who knows how many such fake charges were levied to our account. Later on the news came  in that ecommerce companies are looking into per unit economics. The result was that weight slabs were  increased by 2x,3x & 4x. We protested but they brought down weights for few products. We increased our prices & sales were affected. We were again told to join SD plus  but we refused. This lead to new products not getting added to the system. Complete manipulation of search results. Our products were not shown in search results with basic keywords.Many a times buyer returns were not shown in the panel & penalty was levied. They further cheated us by not reversing customer return penalty even though putting the confirmation in the email. During this period we started increasing our attention to other portals & it has turned out positive till now.
So friends this is how snapdeal cheats it sellers. We have stopped selling on snapdeal. there is always positive things ahead if you part ways with negative things.

Good luck!!!
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The best decision you have made till now. To anyone looking to join snap deal .that's like you are killing the business before it has even started.

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