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Brand Infringement
I raised a case against amazon that there are many sellers are selling under my listing or my ASIN, please remove asap.
After 2 weeks they replied me your trademark is under "objection" so we can not remove those sellers.
Two days ago I replied to amazon that if my trademark is under "objection" then how did you give us brand approval? If I have brand approval and ASIN has been listed by me and I did not give any authorize letter to those sellers they how they can sell under my ASIN. But till date they did not reply.
The other sellers who hve listed on your product, have they also applied for same brand?

Typically, Amazon wont act without a court order on this. Act fast if it is affecting your sales

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I have the same problem, but it is much bigger. Some sellers are posting offers & competing on prices on our listings which are exclusively our own products. I made a test buy to understand how they can sell at prices below us. The product we received was a different one - sub par quality. There was no invoice with the order & no seller contact details. We raised a return request but nobody contacted us for 4 days. We again made a return request - the seller called & said that the original product was not in stock.

I complained to Amazon about it & they directed me to file infringement. But this is not a case of infringement... this is a case of fraud ......Even there are negative feedback against the seller but still he is continuing & Amazon is hesitant in taking any action against him. It's so easy to fool people in India ...take a Vat license for 1000 INR & start selling online by posting offers against other sellers' listings & tell buyer that original product was not in stock. Steal their money & run away & when ratings go down ...take another VAT & open business in another name.
Amazon is working hand in hand with fraud sellers to fool customers & genuine sellers are loosing business.
I think we all should come together & sue amazon. In fact all these websites are working together in collusion--- look at their pricing & shipping structure...look at their policies...all is same. Please come together everybody
I am filing a suit on amazon. Fed up of unethical practices.
If amazon wants to talk on legal grounds, we will also talk on legal grounds.

Business works on ethics, and amazon has not ethics

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Brand Infringment is a major issue and AIOVA board members should raise this issue to in front of media so amazon can follow like what flipkart or snapdeal do.

Many sellers facing this issue including me and amazon not taking any action after writing many emails and calls.

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