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Your Reputation is threatened
I have just been the victim of a practice of fraud, which I hope and pray will not spread among others. I have no idea if at all it is prevalent but in case of one vender, namely it has been practiced against me, and possibly many others. This fraud, presumably practiced only by the site has the potential to ruin the reputation of one and all in the trade. Hence it is important to force the site to mend its ways. No time can be wasted before it is attempted jointly.

It amounts to selling defective and rejected, mainly Chinese products which happen to be popular. Lately watches by Jack Klein have been selling well on all sites, and have gained a measure of popularity. The defective ones are picked up at the rates of junk and sold at small prices in various Bazaars that are popular for low prices. A junk watch of popular brand bought for a rupee can  easily be sold for 99.

In one of such Bazaars I bought a very popular watch for 99 out of sheer curiosity. At that time the same watch was being sold for 1999. Now it has come down to 375. When I received the watch and found it to be junk I asked for Return/Replacement. My request was "Rejected" by the site without assigning any reasons whatsoever. A number of presentations have been ignored.

The audacity shown by the site is astounding. It knows its reputation will suffer, but it couldn't care less! If you all feel your reputation is threatened please take quick action.

My aim in writing this is NOT to Defame the site, but to Reform it. That happens to be in my personal interest too, I openly admit.

If the time comes to Defame the site that will be through Facebook and Social media. I hope that time never comes.


Monie Vijan

21 July 2016.
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So what "quality" were you expecting for Rs.99, specially for a watch, where in a real world a decent watch anyways costs well above Rs.5000. Will you buy an phone which says, Rs.99 as an sale price, expecting the same quality as a Rs.30k phone?

It doesn't matter if it shows Rs.1999(or even Rs.375) as the MRP. Such misrepresentation is very easily possible through online channel of commerce; and is very much prevalent too.

It is as easy as changing the number in a cell and clicking save. So the end product can show a MRP of Rs.9999/- and a sale price of Rs.100 - which is a 99% discount.

That is why the reviews are there, and it is wise to research a product before buying it online.

Caveat emptor - as the saying goes.
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The courier charges more than Rs. 99

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Hope this will help you to know more about...Phishing


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