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NO PLA no Business is it true...?

Now a days flipkart is only doing business on PLA 

No PLA on Busines.....IS IT TRUE...?

I just came across this scenario this week where when I closed my ALL PLAs for 3 days to check weather it effect to order flow or not

I was shocked to see that the order flow is down by 80% all the top selling listing also moved to other places

This clearly means that if we do PLA we get the business but not only business also huge no of RTOs where customer returns are pain after 20-june New Policy 

Even though we are not wrong Flipkart is charging to us for all the customer returns  

where reason are 

1. Damaged product received 
2. Wrong Size received 
3. Quality is no good 
4. Missshipment 
5. Material Issue
6. color fit Style Issue

We generate SPF for that customer returns but flipkart is rejecting the claims by saying that product is not damaged you can use it for further sales and also charging us 

Forward shipping 
Reverse Shipping  
Fix Fees and all 

What is our fault in it....?

Flipkart Says "To increase business do PLA" 

And after business you will get huge RTO and you have to pay for all the Customer returns 

Think Twice Act Wise "Flipkart is looting from both the hands"
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Rightly said...doing business on flipkart is loosing our money. We have put flipkart on last priority among all marketplaces.

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I have mentioned by experience in this article :

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Same with me.. moreover PLA results in loss of margins as I sell products with SP under 500. And PLA doesn't give desired order flow.. so I have restrained myself going for PLA .. I would rather earn whatever though normal order flow rather than losing out my profits in advertising

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We generally hadn't received returns, until we tried PLA.  80% of products were returned which was a big hit for us.. Good quality products were marked as bad in customer return reasons. To highlight whole scenario, it was a three day weekend PLA plan, first two days we didn't get any sales, so we raised our concerns with the support team to confirm whether the no of user actions that they confirm were true because we tried it with multiple mobiles none of our products where showcased until 700 (we didnt go beyond that as it had no point). Our concern was heard and suddenly on 3 day we received sales which we believe was fake.. Yes fake orders and fake customers. All products were returned by them mentioning false and weird reasons...

We think these cases should be inspected.. by some authority.
Flipkart PLA is mostly useless for small value orders and categories with a lot of variety. There is too much competetion even in PLA and you won't generate a lot of sales. And the fixed bidding is stupid too. Read this.. its a rant about Flipkart PLA

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