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Account on hold sent this mail. Please help AIOVA
Our account has been made "Pending" and reason were not mentioned. From your support mail, we came to know that our account was made pending reasoning abuse to spf policy. There is some confusion.

As per our records, we haven't raised any spf claims from 13 June 2016. Also, if you notice out of the last 10 claims filed, all have been processed and approved.

Also, as per our company policy, we would like to mention that whenever a returned product comes to us, the product is immediately opened and if damaged the same is signed on POD and images taken immediately, in front of the logistic personnel. So how can we abuse flipkart policy amidst so mant witnesses. We have a separate department to handle returns and let me assure you we haven't abused any flipkart policy. We believe in quality products and sound work ethics. We do not indulge in any fraudulence. So, if any documentation is needed to prove on any spf claim, please let us know. We can share the docs and work with u.

We have been selling on flipkart from 3 years and have even been rated with best seller award. We don't want our partnership with flipkart to end on such a note. We would like to sort this matter asap and commence our partnership with flipkart asap.

If we are adhering to all Flipkart policies and norms and still some one from Flipkart team is harassing us disrupting our business. This is fraudulent activity on your part. Even we know how to take matters in our hands. We have a strong presence on social media platforms and we wouldnt binge a second to bring this matter out both legally(by filing a case against flipkart) and also bringing out in public via social media. We also wouldnt forget sending the copies to Flipkart investors and how Flipkart is evading.

Request you to take immediate action!!!


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You have given the reason why you were blocked. It is because you are "best seller". Lately i have seen that these portals dont want to create monopoly on their website. They would block specific product which is doing well or block your account for certain period. This will make sure other sellers also get business & create level playing field. This makes business sense to them but it is foolish on their part coz they are losing good sellers. It is not one portal who does it,every portal does this manipulation .Some block the hot selling product & ask you to create new listing & start from scratch. Some block your account for time being to give other seller chance of selling. Some change your product category,so that your product doesnt gets proper visibility. Some are into total search result manipulation.
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