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Consolidated sheet for selling in multiple marketplaces
A small tip to sell on multiple marketplaces for your products without having to create catalogs for every marketplace.

1. Create a workbook with the first/main sheet with your core product details that are essential

2. Create subsequent sheets for different marketplaces with that marketplace specific data file template.
Eg: For instance, create a main sheet for leather bags with all leather bag info that you will need. Then create another sheet with name "snapdeal". Put the headings and the columns that snapdeal uses for the bags category. Similarly do this for every market place that you need as every marketplace will need almost the same info but in different format (different columns, different measurement units etc - snapdeal may get bag size in inches, paytm may get in CMs.)

3. Just use simple formula references from marketplace sheets to the main sheet for populating the marketplace sheet template. 

This may sound too simple, but it is very powerful. We are using this to manage 2000+ products at this time to sell on our own e-commerce website, and to create catalogs easily for big marketplaces such as amazon, snapdeal etc, and also for smaller marketplaces that are specific to our products.

Pls DO NOT try to see what data is being pulled in the template uploaded in the google drive link as the data is incomplete and cannot be understood. But instead just try to see how the easily marketplaces sheets are configured with plain formulas to pull info from the main sheet called "feeds".
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