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Can anyone help me in providing amazon's tin and cst number ? Asked amazon but they say they are not authorised to provide it. Need for sales tax filing.
They do not have CST TIN number i suppose.
(03-08-2016, 04:19 PM)Kush Agarwal Wrote: They do not have CST TIN number i suppose.

but why do you need their CST/TIN number.??
for sales tax filing, online for filing sales returns, it is not accepting without tin, tried entering zero 11 times, not working.
You are making a mistake. You have to show it as retail sales, you cannot show it as sales to Amazon. Please seek a VAT consultants opinion on this.
They will not provide you because they are unable to manage such records and they never involved in legal and financial matters of any individuals. Rely on your sale slips and make a spreadsheet according to it.

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