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There is an employee Named Ashish Chandra in the seller grievance team who does not know the way to talk to Seller and also has no idea of the Flipkart Policies.

I have been given negative amount for so many claims and i had escalated that to the Flipkart Team many a times over the last 1 year and they closed and rejected most of the issues. Now they are saying it has been long time we cannot entertain your query .

They ask details of Incident ID of 1 year back and after sharing say not possible for us. They say the Line - " Itne Time tai aap so rage the sir?"

This is highly unprofessional and we need solution to all complaints or else we have to take it to the legal level. We have been calm and complained many a times of returns and wrong doings but the system is highly at fault and charges are there for any wrong doings and then they say we cannot reverse after 20th June. This orders are for before 7-8 months and all called under Old Policy.

Incident ID 160721-013452.

Trying to attach the call but file is not supported on forum. If action is not taken against him i will initiate against flipkart for Misbehaving and Using Wrong Tone on Call.

Call Details - +918067186600  04/08/2016  13:42   12:14

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