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Flipkart Warnings
Hi All,

I got the below Mail -

Dear ,
As per our Seller Performance Policy , we have observed that your performance has deteriorated with respect to Total Customer Returns for super_category CE . Please find below your performance:
Actual Rate
Total Customer Returns
08/07/2016 to 05/08/2016
We encourage you to make quick and notable improvement immediately so that your Total Customer Returns is maintained well below the Flipkart's benchmark rates.
Please click on the link(s) below to download your performance data with respect to :- Total Customer Returns were measured in the specified period, and error rate was found to be significantly worse than other sellers on the platform. Hence the warning is being issued to you. As more orders get delivered, there is a chance of your rate changing for that week; but the penalty remains.
Total Customer Returns (%) = (Number of units returned by customer(s) from the total number of units delivered)/(Total number of delivered units out of approved orders in a given time period). For example in a week, if total number of approved order units was 100 out of which 50 were subsequently delivered and customer(s) returned 5 units out of these orders stating Total Customer Returns as a reason, then Total Customer Returns (%) is 10%.
Following are the guidelines that will help you lower your:
Total Customer Returns
  1. Properly check the product FSN and specifications before packing the product.
  2. Ensure that order with multiple quantities are always packed and shipped with right quantities.
  3. Check that the order packed with all accessories, freebies, and tags as mentioned in the order details
  4. Avoid shipping a different version/product at all costs. Keep your listing stock counts up to date
  5. Ensure your products are genuine, unused, and untampered
  6. Deactivate/Update listings whose specification do not match with what is mentioned on the product page
  7. Avoid using false brand names in title of compatible accessories for branded product
For any queries, please email Seller Support at or call on 0124-4319362.
Thank you
Best regards
Seller Support Team
Flipkart Marketplace
Phone: 0124-4319362

My Percentage is 17.5 as per system. PFA the Screenshot attached. Also that includes Customer Remorse of 4.3% and also wrong tagging issues.

Removing just remorse my % mentioned for date is 13.2% which is below the policy. Please help as this is wrong. Attaching Screenshot of real Returns %.

Please advise and help.

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Create a new ticket and send them all the details they will reply that its our mistake forget it take screenshot of that reply for future reference.

Its flipkart's system error.

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