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Flipkart Returns
To the Team,

Flipkart has recently started this Practice of Charging Sellers for Customer Remorse returns which means there is Buyer mistake in the purchase.

Also they charge for wrongly tagged returns and for returns where buyer mistakes. 

The Whole Return process and system is day by day deteriorating and I along with many other sellers have started to rethink their decision to sell on flipkart.

Some major issues -

1. Returns Wrongly Authorised and then sellers charged
2. SPF not given for wrong Returns and Buyers mistake. SPF amount for frauds and such cases also reduced.
3. Policy timeliness reduced to such that practically it becomes impossible for Seller to complaint in the same.
4. Flipkart employees from last 9 months giving same answer we know it is wrong and we are putting to senior management but they are not agreeing and hence we can just take your feedback.
5. SPF has become a very big pain and you are having negatives for 75% of order ids where there is no seller mistake.
6. Courier returns are coming as damaged and open and cheating being done.

I understand Flipkart wants to make itself Profitable but doing this unhealthy practice will not make them profitable but will loose sellers. Why we as a sellers are made a puppet? We have no control over anything on flipkart except price and inventory. If we are to be done like this please tell us so that we can stop.

I have escalated the above issues at least 50 times to Seller Greviance in last 1 year but all i get is that we have taken your feedback. There is no action and every policy change is turning out to be more Buyer centric and negative for sellers.

There needs to be a serious change in the same and that too fast. I have sold on all Major portals and have never experienced  such disastrous polices for sellers anywhere. Flipkart sellers are.moving and shifting and the sales are a proof of it.

I am putting the Sellers Association in CC to please help on it. AIOVA we need to get it resolved.

These policies will kill sellers and Flipkart. Sellers might shift but flipkart cannot shift to new sellers with this policies. 

Please get it done and worked on. This all needs to be discussed with sellers and resolved. I am open to have a discussion.

Sanket Agrawal
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  • umesh ahir
Even i am facing such issues
Recently i found a return because customer said the product does not match with the room.
We had suggested many changes to senior levels of flipkart, however, no changes made.
Maybe this is because they are playing on our money, and they dont have any own money invested in this.

Why should i make losses to build your brand reputation?

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  • umesh ahir
maximum sellers have stopped selling as much as they used to in flipkart . They are  now just carrying on in flipkart as a lum some of money is due to them from flipkart . Sellers who earlier used to give average 250 shipments daily are now just giving 3 or 4 shipments daily . They are just trying to pull out their money from flipkart and finally leave . An inside news i got from a Ekart executive is that earlier they used to collect around 10 000 shipments average daily while now it has come down to 900 . A lot of Ekart executives have been fired from jobs recently . It would be wise to wind up business with Flipkart before they shut shop . Since it is registered in Singapore it would be very difficult to fight against them if the seller's money gets stuck up with them .
Recently we are seeing new seller RetailNet (4.2) in flipkart and they selling all the items like wsretail , is it the flipkart own seller ?
Can you share a link to one of the products being sold by them? unable to find anything on google
We will have to see the legal name to find out more.
But seems connected to flipkart
Playing with rules

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Remember 25% restriction????

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Amazon is openly flouting 25%, Flipkart is also flouting. Government is doing nothing about it

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Brother We must at our Seller level first get the issues done. Then at India Level We must be in a position. We must first fight against their wrong doings for us and then against the law which will take government intervention.

To AIOVA. Can we get this post read by the right team in Flipkart?

Can we put it up to Media through our contacts? This will eat up all sellers slowly.

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