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@AskMeBazaar Fragile Situation
First it was seller caution in April :

Again in May :

Then inside information from a seller :

Then the publishing :

Now today : employees, sellers hold protest outside Gurugram office over non-payment of dues
E-commerce portal suspended its operations last week, citing a severe cash crunch in the company, after its major shareholder pulled out.

While media reports suggest that the move will impact nearly 4,000 jobs, an employee of the company said that they had received no communication from the company about any possible lay-offs.
On Monday, several employees and sellers held a protest outside the company's office in Gurugram.

“As of now, there is a temporary suspension of operations and we have not been paid our salaries,” the employee said, on the condition of anonymity. failed to pay salaries to its employees and even make payments to its vendors, after its main investor, Malaysia-based Astro Overseas pulled out last month without paying the last tranche of funds to the company
The aforementioned employee told dna, “We have not been paid our July salaries and many employees have not received their reimbursements since the beginning of the financial year.”

Disgruntled employees and vendors of the e-portal held a protest outside the Gurugram office, a video of which was sent to and has been seen bydna. The person leading the protest is reportedly a seller, and can be seen seeking intervention into the unceremonious closure of the company which will impact many people.

Source :


AIOVA had warned all sellers against such a scam in advance.

The same was even alerted to Media and Government of India regularly.

Today it is AskMeBazaar who has run away with monry due to mismanagement, tomorrow it will be someone else.

Why is the government sleeping? Why act late?

Will the government bear sellers loss?

How many more AskMeBazaars before government wake up.
AIOVA has been demanding a regulatory body since more than a year, the same has been echoes by other organisations also.

Here is the link for our demand, lets make it viral :
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Yes it's true, AIOVA did warned several times.

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