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Flipkart Account on Hold
Dear All, Our Flipkart account has been put on hold as there was a single SKU for which we do not have brand/invoice. This was added as ADD Listing process and they did not ask for brand/invoice at that time. This product was added 6 months back and now they are saying that it is fake selling. Any idea to reinstate the account?

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Why go begging them ?. There are many better marketplaces than Flipkart.
Dear Friend, Yes there are and we are already doing with them. But It leads to business loss. We were getting significant sale on Flipkart. Any suggestion to reinstate?

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You can try tweeting to senior staff and to Mr.Sachin/Binny Bansal regularly
Account on hold

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I feel that Flipkart is finding the reasons to put sellers on Hold. If issue was with the product they did not notify us ever in last 6 months. Don't know what they are up to.
Add new sellers but kill older ones. This is their policy.

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Kind of like a slaughterhouse

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Does anyone know if any seller is working with Flipkart from last 2-3 years without any account hold problem?

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Even i want to find a seller who has never faced acount hold problem.
it will be WS Retail only, their own baby.

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