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Flipkart's Jungle Raj

It's a jungle Raj at Flipkart.

Flipkart is LION and Sellers are being treated as Goats.

They have their own laws and above the laws of the Land.

1. Money is deducted as will.
2. SPFs are rejected at will.
3. Un-happy Claims are rejected and Tickets Closed so that Seller is bound to accept the ruling.
4. Reverse Shipping , Shipping and Collection charges are debited for all Customer's return.
5. Issues can now be raised within 30 days else you loose even if it is a financial matter.
6. Flipkart has it's own laws as far as TDS reimbursement is concerned.
7. Flipkart don't provide PODs after 45 days of returned Items.
8. Flipkart charges MP Fees just on Buyer's comments.
9. Flipkart don't have any control on thefts by ekart and pays you 30% to 75% SPF
10. Flipkart don't have anytimelines for their own obligations.
11. Returns can come to you even after 4 months.
12. Flipkart can deduct any amount in settlement without Seller's consent.
13. Flipkart can ask you to sign any NOC before paying for their goof-ups

There is no subject where Flipkart don't have issues.
Technology wise they have glitches every other day.

There may be a counter question that if it don't suits you why the hell you are selling on Flipkart ?

My take is that Foreign Investments in these large Players have killed 100's of smaller websites.
Government have provided them with large scale Market of 1.2 Billion people of India.
This is completely unfair if their is no strict regulations on these large players as online Sellers don't have much options.

The day Govenment just even thinks about these few points, these Marketplaces would shiver and mend themselves automatically :-

1. All Sales payments should be kept in an escrow account and come directly to the Seller.
2. Seller should pay the Commission to Website after deduction of TDS.
3. Any loss in transit be the responsibility of website.
4. All consignments must be insured against thefts & Frauds
5. Seller provides NOC to Webistes every quarter regarding settlements.
6. Websites may be allowed to keep security deposit depending upon the business of the Sellers / monthly commission payable.

I hope the online Selling Community would agree to my above points.


Umang Midha
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so true. pure loot.
Flipkart, looting customers & sellers since 2007.
now they want seller to buy there packing material also.....
(10-09-2016, 04:30 PM)KJain Wrote: now they want seller to buy there packing material also.....

Is not is a business to customer thing
they can not sell being a marketplace
i am reporting to enforcement directorate and DIPP
It is sold by third parties

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Flipkart has really gone down the hill in last 2 years since coming on market place platform! Their seller help team is one of the worst in business. For financial matter there is no accountability! They are losing out on good vendors and soon this would become like a Chinese market where only cheap and low quality products would be sold!

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