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Why Manifest Generation is not provided on
It is a most critical and absolutely important requirement to safeguard ourselves from the fraud or cheats by the Easy Ship Executive.

We have already been cheated once in the month of May,2016. And even today the option to generate manifest is still not available on

Easy Ship person fearlessly refuse to sign on any Manifest or acknowledgment saying that they don't have any Email confirmation or any such requirement Email for signing from and they will not sign on anything.

Many a times after scanning the parcels in their device the Picked up status is updated after hours. Or sometimes he may even avoid scanning a parcel altogether. Even after scanning the parcel if the done tab or button is not pressed the status may not be updated.

INCIDENT: We had handed over all the parcels and later even after updating the status as Picked up the guy later said that you did not handover the parcel since it was not ready and we had delayed your pickup. So you give us the Parcel... We had to handover the parcel again because we didn't have the Signed Copy of Manifest or Acknowledgement.

That day we realised the need of Manifest on just like other marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal and all others have...

WHY is Manifest Generation not available on

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Good question. We never thought about it.

This is what we do :
We use Unicommerce for our transactions. Unicommerce prints out a manifest which has all the required details.

We then generate a challan on a normal gate pass book which is used for all deliveries out of our premises.

The gate pass only mentions Following details ; Date, Party (ATS), No. of parcels.

We take a receipt signature of the pick up boy on the same and hand over one copy to him.

If the pick up boy refuses to sign, we do not allow him to do the pick up.

Our premises has rules for outbound shipments, and no hub incharge or company can violate such rules.

Try doing the above for once, it can help create a documented paper trail which can hold proof in any circumstance that comes up

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