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Flipkart is Asking for Payments after 2 Years
Hello, I was a seller on flipkart a year ago, my account was blocked by flipkart on 7th 2015, and from than i wasn't doing any business as my account is blocked. From the day the flipkart blocked my account. i haven't received any communications from flipkart regarding anything.

Now suddenly after 1.8 Years i received a call from a landline number, which is not a seller support number of flipkart, asking for payments. When i asked which payment you are asking for, they were saying, that you have to 1.40 Lakh Rupees that is for the items returned to you after blocking your account. When i said i am doing business from last almost 2 year so from where should i pay these dues. they said you have pay otherwise we'll take legal action.

Before all of this when i asked that person about, why your team hasn't send any emails or communication till 1.8 years, he said they were waiting for me to pay the dues. Now the fact is when i am not able to logged into my account, how would i know what's going on with my account. I am confused and mentally tensed after all this, How would i arrange such a huge amount, i am not doing this business from last almost 2 years.

Please help me with this situation.

Thanks Huh
Ask them to give it in writing along with each shipment details. Maybe some ex-employee is taking you for a ride?, who knows.
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Sai Sanvish for this post:

Thanks for your reply,

I have contacted seller support regarding this, but they are saying:

"I acknowledge concern regarding "Accounts". I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I would like to inform you that, please co-ordinate the concern person of flipkart, because we are unable to resolve your concern regarding your accounts.
The incident number for your reference is “161004-008469

Now the point is if i don't have the any concerned person, or any person whom i can contact regarding this other than Flipkart SS, where should i go to Verify that the person visited my office and called me is not a fraud.

Please help

Keep quiet if they do not reply. The only way to verify if its a fraudulent claim is to get confirmation from Flipkart itself and file a FIR at Cyber Crime Police. Since you have not paid them any money, I feel its better to keep quiet. Why take unnecessary headache.
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Sai Sanvish for this post:
Thanks for your Suggestion.

Just wanted to know, is there any kind policy on filipkart, where they can ask payments from seller, in for of cash/dd/cheque. As far as i know they only deduct from their future payment, and it is also mentioned in their T&C.
Hello, Today i have received an email with the Subject "Ledger", in which they have sent the details of returned products to me.

Is there anybody else who is facing this problem.

Please suggest me what should i do next. as i am not able to pay this much huge amount after 1.8 years.
Tell us honestly, do you actually owe them any money?. If no, ask them strongly to stop harassing you.

If you actually owe them money, you should and must pay them the total amount.. No point in asking us for help.

Thanks for your reply.

Please suggest me how can i attach file in this thread. i will send you the excel sheet i have received from them. Because i not able to understand their calculation.

Please let us know honestly, you owe them money or not ?. It maybe 1 rupee or 1 crore. Let us know the honest answer. If you owe them money, just pay it instead of asking here for help. Because we can not do anything in that case.

If you do not owe them any money and they are simply harassing you, be assured that AIOVA members will support you in the fight. We will see what can be done.

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