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Confused Dear Friends,
I am a seller in Flipkart for the past ten months. I listed totally 52 SKUs of my products on there. My products are Ladies T-shirts.
My problem is, Flipkart has recently blocked my 22 SKUs without any intimation to me on ten days before. Then i contacted on next day thru seller support, they replied it was blocked due to MRP tag issue. They told me, MRP tag with my product's image is required and then only my products will become live again.
So i sent all images of my product's with MRP tag four times to them for the past nine days. Still now they are telling, we require more information from your tag again and again. I don't understand their replies properly. Can any body help me to resolve this issue?
Same issue with me too
it seems they want sellers to use flipkart advantage, so that every thing comes under flipkart control and they charge more for all the services they provide. and for the rest of the sellers who dont use flipkart advantage, they block products, they delist products.
Thanks & Regards

Sai Pothuri

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