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My Journey BBD-2016 (Worst Then Ever)
My [b][u] Journey - Big Billion Days 2016[/u][/b]

1.      1 month ago of BBD got a called from account manager she says

Hello sir as you know we are having BBD in every October so this time also we will be having BBD dates are not finalized but you keep the stocks with you.

Seller Action = Planning for Stock

2.      After 10 days again got a call from account manger she says

Sir Dates are finalized we will be having in first week of October  2-6 please optin for that BBD  sale for which you have to provide us 10% extra off on current prices.

Seller Action = Planning to reduce prices for BBD

3.      Notification came on flipkart now you cannot change selling price on flipkart after 17th else you will be opt out.
Seller Action = No change in Selling Price
4.      Before 10 days of BBD again got a call from account manger she says

Sir how is your planning going on for BBD..? please do one think try to work on Sundays also for this month as we are having diwali in this month so mark all Sundays as working days for this month you will surely get good orders

Seller Action = Cancelled leave on all Sundays told employees to come on 2-oct first day of BBD

5.      7 days before BBD again got a call from account manager now she says

Sir Please order flipkart original packaging material from website only as it will not be allowed to use any other material even though it’s  flipkart material but not purchased from flipkart’s website so it’s not allowed during BBD ekart pickup boy will ask for bill of packaging material.

 Seller Action = Purchased Flipkart Material From

6.      5 days before BBD again got a call from flipkart and daily SMS’s

Saying that Plan PLA during BBD it will give you huge sale volumes don’t forget to create the PLA during BBD.

Seller Action = PLA of 15000/- for 2-6 Oct.
  Angel  What We did as a seller for BBD-2016.

1.      Stocks
2.      10% Extra Off
3.       No Price Change
4.      New Poly Bags
5.      PLA
6.      NO Staff Holiday On 2-Oct-(Sunday).

Huh What sales we got during BBD 2-7 Oct 2016.

Date                      Orders Processed

2-Oct                     0
3-Oct                     17
4-Oct                     17
5-Oct                     13
6-Oct                     10
7-Oct                     12
8-Oct                     0

Total                     69.

Angry Average of 10 orders per day during BBD and they are saying we are the father of all sales.
Angry Waste of Money
Angry Waste of Time
Angry They are only there to earn from your PLA and returns. 

Seller :

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I had reduced my prices before BBD, so that my product ratings and visibility increases. But i got stuck when they said i cannot increase prices, but also give additional discount if i want to participate in BBD.

I was getting 400 orders per say before BBD.
I geared up for BBD, started receiving 600-800 orders per day.

However, on the downside, only 300 orders were getting released everyday.

Even today 1200 orders are unreleased.

These orders were placed by consumers on 3rd October. They havent been released yet.

Now, just like last year, customers will start cancelling orders and refuse delivery.

Downside, we will have to bear return charges which for my price point will be approx 20% of product value.

BBD - Bade Bade Dikhaave.

These sales are meant only for WS Retail and Retailnet.

And if our product does better than their products, they make sure that customers get a bad experience with our product, and we pay for their capacity issues

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Earlier they were saying that mark all sundays as working for this month as in this month we are expecting maximum sales bcoz of diwali and BBD and now notification is showing that 

" Our logistics partner will not be available for pick-ups on Sunday 09-10-2016 " 

What does it means ...? 

we have to dance the way they want and if they want they can withdraw there choice at any point of time

One sided Love is going on .....We love flipkart but flipkart love WS-Retail & Retailnet the Most
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Average sales remains same for most of the sellers because one week prior to sales & a week after the sales, you can see downfall in sales. Flipkart & amazon both are running sales for their PET sellers. What is the use for sale when all the orders are  kept in upcoming tab for flipkart & reserved stock for amazon FBA. Orders getting cancelled every day is further disappointing. They should keep all the sellers in mind before planning for such events.
From amazon daily 200 to 300 orders approx and flipkart 20 orders aprox.
Flipkart dead.

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Today on 10th October, 4 days after BBD, we took out data to analyse the sales.

The data is very disappointing.

Normally we get 300-400 orders everyday.

On BBD we got 800 orders on 2nd October. But orders were released at an average of 200 orders per day. Post BBD, the order rate has decreased to less than 50 orders per day.

You can download the report by clicking the below link :

.pdf   BD.pdf (Size: 445.26 KB / Downloads: 18)

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