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Fake Return
It's 3rd Time I am getting fake return from same buyer of flipkart of Patna, Bihar 

Flipkart is deducting the commission Charges and Logistic Cost from us.

Till now buyer has ordered same times 3-4 times.

Already received same kind of returns 2 times .

For rest 2 orders returns are approved by flipkart.

When we asked Flip kart to cancel the return request 

Buyer is our god we have to accept the return request of buyer 

Once it reaches to us we will very your genunity and will pay you if you have dispatched the correct orders else we will charge you and will not gonna pay you.

We can not do any thing with buyer 

Since he has placed the return request we have to accept the return request .

I have Dispatched 2.5 Sqmm 300 Mtr .. Polycab wire to him ...

But in return I have received 0.75 sqmm 90 Mtr . Polycab Wire ....

You can check the genuinety of buyer in Video ....

Buyer :-  

1) Ankit / Amkit, Shop No. 21, 2ND Floor, Patna 800001

2) Sujeet Kumar Kutaliya State Dakbangla Road near Hariniwas 800001

3) Varun Shop No. 21, 2ND Floor, Patna 800001


This all are same customer who has done fraud more then 3 times with us & flipkart is not blacklisting him & deducting sellers pay each and every time.

Kindly beware of this Buyer of flipkart.

and With Flipkart Also .... Flipkart are Cheaters.
The post is about, Customer return!

Some points on Flipkart payment "Jhol"!!

There were O/s of -915 in July month so we did business of 3500 in August, And all the parcel were successfully delivered to all customers, there were no returns!

Thus in August or September the account must get in Positive amount, but shocking was that, we have not received single penny and the account again went to negative with -615.

When checked with panel, it's shows deduction of Nov.2015 and Feb 2016. They not even not intimating about this deduction!

When seller forgot or get late to file SPF Claim, in 14 days than we are not supposed to get our Money, because as per there policy we have to move and for them there is no policy!

Seller support on chat and call says we cannot help, as we don't have any authority to give answer regarding this matter! Mail to seller support, on mail they told us, the amount which we have not deducted in past, we are deducting it on September 2016. It was a technical glitch!

And I said have to agree, as we don't have any other options! I said please let us know, how much money you will deduct like this, so that we can atleast know about our due payment! They say, that no one can reply, as no one have authority to check this!! It means very simple, whenever i will do business, they will deduct the money like this and we are fools who have no other option left with us!!

Guys there must be some rules for both of us, (MP & Sellers).


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