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Account Pending Issue
Seller Dispaly : Parthlifestyleproduct
Company : Parthlifestyleproducts

I am a seller at Flipkart and I am doing business with Flipkart since March 2015.

I am very disappointed with flipkart as they made my account Pending from 17th Oct 2016. The reason what they provide is Fake Product.

I have submitted the Purchase Invoice and to my surprise I received a response stating "your purchase invoice has failed in our investigation and will remain pending permanently"

I tried to speak to Flipkart Seller Support and tried to understand the exact reason of investigation failure. but as usual i received the same response that we can not provide you the additional details.

I hope ALOVA will support me this time as I am a very small seller I have invested huge for the up-coming festival season. and this will give a huge setback to my entire business. 

I am awaiting the response from ALOVA....


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