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I am a new seller need your help and suggestions
Dear All,
Currently I am only active seller on ebay and now want to expand on other Market places, plz advice us, as currently ebay provides all the packing material at free of cost, then why other market places are charging for the same.

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Earlier marketplaces were also providing for free. A few markets charge for the same and a few allow you to use your own bags.
I don't think cost of packing material will stop you from starting business with other marketplaces. Yes eBay provides packing material for free and some others too but it all depends on them only. If you want business then need to go by their policies.
Coz I need to built these cost in my price.

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I think in marketplaces only snapdeal tells us to buy their packing material. All other marketplaces allows us to use our own plain packing material which is cost effective to us.
It means I don't need to buy market places branding packets and other materials???
And if not then, is they pick-up shipments packed by me w/o their brandings?

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Like ebay accept all, and they don't force us for use their brandings. I just need to ensure proper pasting of orders & other requisite printouts on the face of shipment.

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Flipkart and amazon pick up shipments of non branded and seller branded bags
Yes they allow us using plain packaging material without branding. Only in snapdeal we need to use their branded "dil Ki deal" bags
What are the charges by snapdeal

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6.5x6.5 ( 2.75 )
8.5x11.5 ( 5.0 )
12x12 ( 6.5 )
14x16 ( 8.5 )
18x18 ( 12.5 )
24x24 ( 18.0 )

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